Recently, cosmetic surgery has been adopted by many people. The procedures that have become popular among patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are facelifts, liposuction, Rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation. Such procedures are done with the intention of enhancing beauty for the patient.

Cosmetic surgery targets patients who need to achieve a more youthful look or enhance their looks by correction of what they view as an irregularity on their body. For instance, rather than spend hours of work out at the gym or months of dieting, a patient can opt for a liposuction to get that body shape they desire.

Some Of The Best Cosmetic Surgeons In The City

1. David W. Kim, MD

Anyone hoping to enhance their looks should consult this doctor. The surgeon is board certified. He emphasizes on the physical benefits that come with cosmetic surgery procedures. Though the patient has to wait for the scars and bruises to disappear, for instance, after a breast procedure, the positive benefits are seen immediately in the form of larger cup size.

If a patient wants to look younger by getting rid of wrinkles on their body, the positive results are there to see. Even in the other procedures, the benefits are immediately visible when the procedure is done by a qualified surgeon.

Patients should not expect an immediate dramatic transformation.


2. Dino R. Elyassnia, MD

Though you may feel nervous at first, this cosmetic surgeon makes you feel comfortable and ready for the procedure. He emphasizes on the psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery. The emotional benefits may even have a greater impact than the physical benefits.

A patient who has had low self-esteem because of their looks, for example, if they have wrinkles, noticeable deformities or scars on the face, can really have their self-esteem boosted by cosmetic surgery. This is because they start to feel better about themselves.

Research has indicated that after cosmetic surgery, patients experience a more productive in life and are happier than before. Patients can live a full life, nurture rewarding social relationships and enjoy an improved psychological view on life.


3. Carolyn C. Chang, MD, FACS

The doctor is a perfectionist, highly skilled and has excellent customer service. She specializes in restoring a youthful look for older patients. Blepharoplasty and facelifts give a more youthful appearance. These are common with patients above 40 years old.

There are more aged people who want their thread veins and wrinkles to disappear. They are also interested in liposuction procedure. The healthier appearance cosmetic surgery offers those boosts their confidence and helps avoid depression.


Some Of The Best Clinics In The City

1. Aesthetic Enhancement Medical Clinic

Patients looking for a place where deformities can be corrected should visit the clinic. People born with deformities may suffer from low confidence especially if those deformities are noticeable by other people.

Accident victims with injuries that have affected their physical looks are some of the people who can benefit from cosmetic surgery. These patients can get a physical restoration.

Patients who want a physical alteration to help them with performance of day to day work can also benefit by undergoing an appropriate cosmetic surgery procedure.

2. Kaiser Permanente

The clinic focuses on restoring the self-confidence of patients. Though some people opinionated cosmetic surgery is not a solution to low self-esteem, a correction on some part of the body can enhance the emotional health and self-confidence of the patient.

3. San Francisco California Plastic Surgery Clinic

The clinic has had impressive success rates in helping patients suffering from depression. A negative body image and low esteem can result to depression. Patients with depression have shown an impressive decrease in depression levels after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

In most cases, antidepressant use in patients suffering from depression drop by thirty percent five months after cosmetic surgery. Patients who have undergone the surgery stated that their esteem had considerably improved.

Tips On Finding The Best Cosmetic Surgeon

The right cosmetic surgeon will make you feel confident for many years by enhancing your looks. However, if you choose the wrong professional, you will get poor results that lead to high loss of self-esteem.

A cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in the surgical procedure you want is the professional you should find. In addition, the surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Patients should vet different cosmetic surgeons and compare each doctor’s results for the procedure they are interested in and decide whether the results are satisfactory.

Patients should find a San Francisco cosmetic surgeon who makes them feel comfortable and who has excellent customer service because they will be spending several hours with the doctor. The operating facility the doctor uses should be accredited and have all the necessary equipment’s to ensure the surgery is successful.