A dermatologist is a trained doctor who specializes in conditions which affect the hair, nail and skin such as chemical peeling ,moles, acne and cosmetic surgeries. Following are the best ones in San Francisco CA area:

1. Dr. Kathleen M. Welsh M.D.

Located in 2299 Post St San Francisco CA, Dr. Kathleen M. Welsh is Board Certified in Dermatology and was once Chief of Dermatology for the Permanente Medical Group for five years. Her establishment of the Permanente program served as a model for similar programs countrywide. Dr. Welsh also lectures on various dermatology topics.


2. Presidio Dermatology

This center located in 3905 Sacramento St San Francisco CA offers skin care in a serene, and professional atmosphere. All consultations are performed by Board Certified Dermatologists. Presidio Dermatology offers their services using state-of-the-art technology while maintaining top quality care to clients. They tailor make their treatment to suit each client.

3. Premier Dermatology

The practice is located on 55 Hawthorne St San Francisco CA. Their selling point is the focus on building strong relationships with clients. Clients are actively involved in the treatment process. The practice offers quality care in a rewarding and educational atmosphere.


How To Choose The Best Dermatologist

Following are things to consider before choosing who to go for:

The kind of treatment you need

Generally there are two types of dermatologists: general and cosmetic. Therefore, if you have skin concerns, a general dermatologist will do but if you have cosmetic concerns then a cosmetic dermatologist is best placed to sort you out.

Board certification

Though any doctor can purport to be a skin specialist, a professional dermatologist is one who spends at least three years studying skin, hair and nails disorders after graduating from the medical school. At the end of such a study they seat for a “board exam” after which they are officially board certified upon passing. Though not a guarantee of the doctor’s competence, the certification shows that the doctor has appropriate training and not a quack.

Have other doctors recommend you

Doctors have information on reputation, ethics and other information which might not appear in their profiles. Ask your primary doctor to recommend you to a reputable professional. As well, you can ask your friends who have undergone similar treatment to direct you to their doctor.

Check their bios

Many doctors have their bios on their practicing websites. A website will also tell you the doctors focus, whether general, cosmetic or whether he/she has a further specialization such as Pediatric Dermatology, Clinical and Laboratory Dermatological Immunology or Dermatopathology.

Working hours

You might be so busy to visit the doctor during normal working hours and thus need to find one with flexible work schedules. In such a case inquire whether they work in the evenings and weekends when your schedule is relaxed.

Ask questions

Call the practice and ask them whether they perform the procedures you are seeking. Inquire the frequency of the procedures on a daily basis. One who does them daily is better than one who does them once or twice in a week. Also, if you are looking for lasers, ask whether they have in house laser devices or whether they rent.

Call your San Francisco dermatologist today and if you don’t have one try the ones recommended above and solve that skin problem that has been worrying you for days.