Just like doctors choose to specialize in fields such as neurology or cardiology, dentists can also decide to specialize in different areas like orthodontics. This is a dentist who specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of facial and dental deformities. It takes many years of study to become an orthodontist compared to other branches of dentistry. The dentist must complete advanced specialty education programs to qualify to be an orthodontist. The specialist has to take a program at a dental accredited school registered under American Dental Association (ADA).


Who Are The Best Orthodontists In San Francisco?

  1. Dr. Robert S. Quinn who is located at Stockton Street in Union Square has been rated highly by most reviewers. One reviewer is quoted saying that a visit to the doctor is the most pleasant experience. The ladies at the front desk are not only very friendly but also act professionally. They are kind and well-mannered and mingle well with both children and adults. Dr. Quinn makes patients feel relaxed and cared for and is qualified to treat most oral deformities.
  2. The Lee and Young Orthodontics is a respected dental clinic in the city. They are located in California and provide high quality and state-of-the-art orthodontic care in a very friendly manner. Most reviewers have described this clinic as very comfortable with an amazing caring environment. This is the place to visit for those who want invisible ceramic braces, invisalign and other dental surgeries. They apply the latest in computer technology where advanced graphics and digital images are generated to offer accurate and most effective solutions.
  3. Dr. David Shen has been given a 5-star by reviewers for providing comfortable facilities, first class service, painless procedures, and superb results and accepts new patients generously. His costs are moderate and very competitive. This orthodontist is located at 450 Sutter Street, Suite 2418. Reviewers have credited Dr. Shen for making the process of getting braces really easy. He will give you cost effective options and the staff are caring and very friendly.


How To Choose The Best Orthodontist

If you live in San Francisco and are looking for the right orthodontist for you or your children, there are 4 primary things to consider, along with accompanying questions.

1. What Is The Doctor’s Philosophy?

Ask if the specialist does practice early treatment to achieve ideal result and whether the treatment also includes the face. Understand the options available and the purpose of the treatment the doctor is recommending for you.

2. What Are The Orthodontists Qualifications?

Ask if the dentist has the mandatory 2 to 3 years specialty training from a credited institution and if certified by the state of California to exercise in the region. Check out the dentist’s reputation and if he offers public sessions to talk about orthodontics. A good specialist will have high ratings and his clients will appear in popular media forums recommending him.

3. What Facilities The Orthodontists Uses?

Check how up-to-date the equipment the dentist uses. Does the orthodontist use the latest brace designs and install invisible braces? How has the dentist improved comfort and pain in dental care and how expensive are they compared to the other dentists?

4. What Is The Office Environment Like?

A great customer care and front desk is a must. The office should be decorated to make you relaxed and comfortable. Children should have things to play with and ambiance should not scare you.

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